How to keep your Concrete Driveways well-maintained?

Concrete driveways or sidewalks need proper maintenance to protect them from cracks, snow, or discoloration. Whether summer or winter, keeping your concrete surface long-lasting is no more a daunting task.

Here are some ways to protect your concrete driveway throughout the year:

 Clean the Surface 

Dirt and debris can lead to the deterioration of concrete driveways and make them look dirty. Being permeable material, concrete surfaces can easily absorb anything, so it becomes necessary to clean it regularly through sweeping as it will gently remove the dust particles that can damage the surface.

Using a power washer is another way of cleaning the surface, make sure to have proper technique and knowledge, so the surface does not get damaged.

Apply Sealant Regularly

Regular maintenance of your concrete surface will keep it protected from harsh weather conditions and stains, so adding sealer to your concrete driveway every 3 to 5 years will make it look good and protect the surface from cracks.

Furthermore, applying a layer of sealer will enhance the aesthetics of the surface, leaving your driveway with a glossy finish. 

Get rid of stains 

 Stubborn marks of oil, bird droppings, or any chemical can give a shabby and dull look to the surface. Using stain remover on time to clean the concrete driveway can stop these marks from getting permanent and make your driveway appear immaculate.

Avoid using de-icing products

Using de-icing products on your driveway during harsh winters can eat away the concrete surface, and they can leave your driveway with some permanent marks. Better avoid using rock salt also, as it can discolor and corrode the surface.

Plow the snow

Excess snow on your driveway can fill the surface underneath with moisture. Due to excess moisture, there will be cracks and some structural changes on the concrete surface.

Save your driveway by shoveling off the settled snow. Use a plastic shovel, as metal shovels can cause chips and cracks on the surface.

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