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When you work with Colonial Outdoor Solutions you get exactly the lawn you’re looking for! Not everyone has the same idea of a perfect yard, but when you share your vision with us we’ll make it come to life.

You can take your pick of 3, 4, or 5-step programs that give you the yard you’ve always dreamed of. Come to the company that will take your needs seriously.

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A beautiful landscape adds value to your home. Our organic lawn care solutions ensure a green, plush lawn maintaining the health and appearance of your home. Click here for more information.


An irrigation system is a convenient and water saving method to keeping your lawn and plants green.  Your lawn and plants will look healthier making your home your sanctuary. Click here for more information.

Parking Lot Sweeping

A clean, maintained parking lot keeps customers and businesses happy. We focus on removing debris and snow, making it safe for pedestrians and vehicles. Click here for more information.